Easy Appetizers

Appetizers are made to hold over the hungry and appeal to somebody who's waiting for their food. Appetizers are meant to be yummy, but not meant to be an individuals full meal. Lots of people hosting a get-together spend a lot of time and effort on the main course, as they should. As much as the main course should be the most appealing part, appetizers are important and shouldn't be forgotten about. Luckily, there are many easy and great ways to make an appetizer.


Appetizers should be appetizing, explaining the name appetizer. Many people will look at appetizers and anticipate their meal to be just as good if not better, so appearance is important. It's easy to take simple things and make them look like they took a lot of effort. Nobody wants to take time from the main course to prepare the appetizers, but it doesn't have to look like they didn't.

Dips and Spreads.

Dips and spreads are widely known appetizers because they're easy, and they can be twisted and formed into a taste that easily fits the upcoming meal. There can be dips or spreads made from cheeses, fruits, vegetables, certain spices, meats, beans, and more. Spreads and dips are so adaptive towards different meals that they make a great appetizer.

Crostini's (or breads like it).

Crostini's are great because, like chips and dip, they can be topped with many different items. Instead of dips and sauces, they can have pieces of vegetables, fruits, cheeses, and more. It all depends on what compliments the meal.

There are many different types of appetizers. Variations of the same type can often be used to make a meal memorable. Appetizers are important to any gathering, and these recipes can help make your gathering start off right with a unique and easy appetizer.

Top 5 Routes for "Easy Appetizers"

  1. Food Network Appetizer's What better place to get appetizer ideas than the Food Network? With 50 to choose from, they have easy recipes, hard recipes, quick recipes, and some with attention to detail so fine that you could take hours preparing them. Whether it's as unique and difficult as pumpkin ham fritters or as simple but effective as cheese rolls rolled in toppings, Food Network has your back for any event or meal.
  2. Taste of Home These appetizer officials really know how to make something simple that also tastes amazing. A lot of their recipes involve dips or spreads. One common occurrence in their recipes is brie, a soft cheese made from cows milk. They like to wrap things in brie, put things on top of brie, and even stick them on skewers with apples. There's a lot that you can do with cheese, and Taste of Home really understands that.
  3. Allrecipes This website is especially helpful because you can choose what you want in your easy appetizers. The categories you can choose from are dips and spreads, cheese appetizers, meat and poultry appetizers, spicy appetizers, and seafood appetizers. It may take a minute to find one that fits your time schedule, but there's plenty to choose from.
  4. Buzzfeed You wouldn't expect Buzzfeed to have great ideas for quick appetizers. Mainly Buzzfeed is associated with who wore what and how often a celebrity went out clubbing. However, their article giving us 21 easy appetizers with two ingredients or less is more than helpful. This article is the savior to every energy efficient person wanting to throw a little get-together. Bacon wrapped asparagus isn't the first thing that comes to mind when you think of an easy appetizer, but it sure does meet the requirements!
  5. Real Simple It's real simple, and that's even their name! When looking for an easy appetizer, this name may seem like a savior after a long search. Have you ever tried to candy nuts? First off, nuts are an amazing snack. They're very nutritious. Second, candying them just makes it that much better of an appetizer. Of course, this won't take much effort. Recipes like this are found in their article 10 Easy Appetizer Ideas.

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