Vegetarian Appetizers

Vegetarian Appetizers

Vegetarian appetizers can be simple and so delicious that no one notices the absence of meat. Cooks that are not vegetarian themselves don't need to be intimidated. There are a wealth of vegetarian appetizer recipes online that will suit anyone's tastes.

Considerations about vegetarian appetizers:

When hosting vegetarian guests, understand exactly what their diet is.

True vegetarians eat eggs, dairy products and sometimes fish. Vegans are vegetarians that eat no fish, dairy products, or animal products. All styles of vegetarian will eat vegan dishes. Pescatarians eat fish but follow an otherwise vegan diet.

Choosing what to serve:

Vegetarian apps do not need to be boring for meat eaters.

Why to serve vegetarian appetizers:

Appetizers are usually served at parties, special events, and somewhat formal dinners. Vegetarian hosts usually choose to serve appetizers that suit their own diet, rather than include any meat but might offer vegan options as well. When serving appetizers to a large group, a smart host always assumes that some of the guests might be vegan. For a dinner party, it's wise to ask guests what they will and won't eat. In some cases hosts make special appetizers for a single guest who has a special diet.

The word appetizer is synonymous with 'hors d'oeuvre', although in modern parlance we limit the latter word to small bites that are passed around. Appetizers may be eaten this way, or seated before entrees are served.

Popular vegetarian appetizers:

Vegetarian appetizers don't have to be complicated or unappealing to meat eaters. They also do not need to include 'meat substitute' ingredients such as tofu or vegetarian meat substitutes. If the entire party is going to be vegan, creative appetizers can be fun. The most common choices involve a vegetable or pastry cup with a filling. These may be hot or cold. Fillings range from cheese to grains made with fresh herbs such as basil, tarragon, or oregano. Ratatouille is a popular choice for a stuffing. Appetizers should have a strong, pleasing flavor.

Popular vegetarian appetizers include:

  • Stuffed mushrooms, cherry tomatoes or endive (hummus and guacamole are popular)
  • Bruchetta
  • Spinach or onion dip
  • Ratatoullie
  • Filled pastry cups or triangles
  • Samosas

Top 5 Routes for "Vegetarian Appetizers"

  1. Allrecipes This site is one of the biggest and most comprehensive recipe websites on the internet. People can post their own favorite recipes, and other viewers can rate them and add their comments. While not exclusively vegetarian or vegan, there hundreds of vegetarian an vegan appetizer recipes on their website.
  2. VeganRicha This site is an all vegan website that boasts 40 vegan appetizer recipes at this writing. Devoted solely to vegan dishes, many of these dishes are creative and elaborate. Some are suitable for eating while sitting down as a prelude to a dinner.
  3. This site offers a variety of appetizers, from pass arounds to dips to soups, salad, and other small dishes. Some of the recipes are quite simple, others more elaborate. Their tone is quite varied, as it is a write in website where vegans can contribute their own recipes. You can find appetizers for many different kinds of occasions. This is a good website for learning more about veganism.
  4. Food & Wine This site offers 40 vegetarian recipes at this writing. Their offerings are very elegant, but not difficult to make, suitable for impressing guests of any dietary persuasion.
  5. This site has a wide assortment of appetizers and snacks geared toward vegetarian and vegan diets. Their recipes tend towards the casual and easy.

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