White Chili

The mythology surrounding the birth and origins of chili is a mystery that will probably never be solved. Over the last century, the different options open to cooks in restaurants and in their own homes has seen the development of new forms of chili. One of the most popular options for chili lovers in the 20th century and into the 21st century has been the development of popular versions of a white chili recipe often deemed as healthier than traditional ground beef chilis.

Recipes for White Chili

The traditional chili is created using a red sauce of tomato and dark red chili beans, but for white chili, the recipe must be altered to make sure the correct texture and color are achieved. The most common recipe for white chili uses white meats and poultry to continue the white color found throughout the most common recipes; a similar approach is taken with beans used in the most popular forms of white chili, which often use Great Northern Beans to continue the theme of white ingredients. Other ingredients commonly used in the development of a white chili are whipped cream, sour cream, and chicken broth taking the place of tomatoes, ground beef, and kidney beans.

A Different Protein

Chili con carne has been around for centuries and became popular during the Great Depression era when chili stalls opened up across various parts of Texas. The low cost of chili saw it taken around the world by U.S. entrepreneurs and armed forces personnel. A white chili is usually created using poultry in the place of ground beef, as this is usually seen as a healthier and less damaging option for the human body.

White chili has become popular with those who enjoy the heat of a traditional chili but are concerned about remaining healthy as they cut back on red meats in their diet. The most common meats used in a white chili are ground chicken and ground turkey.

White Chili Continues to Evolve

A white chili recipe may be a major change in the way an individual cooks their own version of chili, but for many the chance to experiment with the different forms of meat, poultry, and beans is a major reason for some to make it. Looking through the many different recipes available for white chili shows how this dish has evolved over the years.

Top 5 Routes for "White Chili"

  1. Cookinglight.com This website specializes in recipes offering a reduced number of calories and lower levels of fat. Many white chili options are available to provide exciting options for the healthy eating enthusiast.
  2. Eatingwell.com Another healthy eating website providing a glimpse into the healthy options available when traditional red meat based recipes have ground poultry substituted into them.
  3. Furtherfood.com The Further Food website not only details the best in white chili recipes but also provides details of the nutritional information associated with cooking white chili.
  4. Realmomnutrition.com This website is dedicated to creating a better lifestyle for families who are looking to eat in a more health conscious way through the use of poultry and more vegetables.
  5. Allrecipes.com A range of recipes is available from this website, including a number of tips and pieces of advice designed to make it easier to create an impressive range of dishes.

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