White Castle Menu

White Castle is an American fast food chain. The first White Castle opened in 1921 in Wichita, Kansas, and is frequently considered to be America's first fast food restaurant. White Castle is often credited with changing America's view of consuming ground beef, and it has steadily gained in popularity due to its iconic "slider" burgers. When the chain first opened, these small, square-shaped burgers were priced at five cents each.

White Castle Menu

Since first opening, White Castle's menu has evolved from the simple slider to include a variety of menu options. However, the slider remains one of White Castle's most popular menu items. Diners can select from various types of sliders including the original slider, a grilled chicken slider and a veggie slider. As part of their breakfast menu, White Castle has even created a breakfast waffle slider, which consists of egg, bacon or sausage and cheese, wedged in between two thick Belgian waffles.

After enjoying a delicious slider, diners can finish off their meal by selecting one of White Castle's dessert options. Offered in vanilla, chocolate or strawberry, the shakes are the most popular choice. Other dessert menu items include the "brownie on a stick" and the "cheesecake on a stick."

Catering and Large Groups

For customers interested in ordering for a large group, White Castle offers the "crave case" which consists of 30 original sliders and the "crave crate" which contains 100 sliders. Alternately, White Castle also offers catering to customers. Customers can mix and match the menu items that they would like to order for their event.

The Secret Menu

White Castle is also known for its "hidden menu" items. For example, the "loaded fries" are a decadent side order of French fries topped with "all the fixin's" including bacon, ranch and cheese sauce. Customers can also request that their fries be topped with diced tomatoes, onions or pickles. The fries are not the only dish that diners can get topped with bacon. Although there is no mention on their official menu, customers can ask to have bacon crumbles added to any menu item.

White Castle Grocery Aisle

White Castle has expanded its franchise and now sells some of their signature menu items in grocery stores. Their signature sliders can now be purchased in the frozen section as well as the White Castle mustard sauce and coffee.

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  1. White Castle Hidden Menu Here readers will find additional information regarding White Castle's unadvertised menu items. These include menu items that are available upon request at any White Castle, but are not listed on their official menu.
  2. White Castle Big-Craves White Castle provides convenient options for large group ordering. Here readers will find a list of menu items designed to feed a larger group. This includes information about White Castle "crave crates" and "crave cases."
  3. Official White Castle Menu This link is the official menu at White Castle. The menu includes current special features, as well as all of the their standard menu items and sides.
  4. White Castle Grocery Store Purchases This link outlines all of the White Castle products that are currently available for purchase in grocery stores.
  5. History of White Castle This link provides additional information for those interested in learning more about how White Castle was founded and how the menu has evolved. This link also outlines the integral part that White Castle played in the fast food business and how the world of fast food has since changed.

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