Bread Pudding

A dish that dates back centuries, when people did not want to waste any food and had few ingredients to use: bread pudding. Created for the purpose of not letting stale bread go to waste, families with little food or cooks wanting to use up leftovers made bread into a pudding that can be a sweet or savory dish. Using few ingredients for the basic recipe, it can be transformed into a myriad of different desserts just by adding a thing or two. Depending on the country you are in, those added items create a form of bread pudding known specifically in that area. Most people call bread pudding a comfort food.


Bread pudding goes back to the early 11th and 12th centuries. Because it was popular with the lower class, it is also known as "the poor man's pudding." Made of simple ingredients that people didn't want to go to waste, bread pudding has survived the test of time. Although it is not as popular as it once was, it is starting to make a come back as one of the new trendy dessert dishes.


There are many different variations of bread pudding. They can be savory or sweet. You can eat them hot or cold. The basic bread pudding recipe uses stale bread, milk or cream, a fat (such as butter), and a sweetener (such as sugar or honey). There are thousands of bread pudding recipes available, each with a slightly unique twist to make it different than the last. Some versions are served with a sauce or gravy. One can use a variety of different breads or bready items to create different variations. A popular choice is using Brioche or Challah, popular sweet breads. You may also try using cakes and donuts to make the pudding more rich and decadent. Although bread puddings were made with stale bread, many people now use fresh breads or pastries instead. Another easy way to add variety is the addition of different fruits. Most common are raisins, but apples, pears, and berries are often added for extra bursts of sweetness. Adding some of your favorite spirits to the pudding adds another level of flavor. Also, adding different spices and seasonings will give your dessert additional flavors that can pertain to individual holidays. It is a forgiving dish and easy to make for everyone.

Recipes for: Bread Pudding

A bread pudding recipe may be found in most cookbooks, online, or by asking your mom or grandmother. There are many videos on YouTube that show how to make bread pudding. Many families have recipes written on pieces of old paper or hidden away in boxes that have been passed down from generation to generation. Different countries might have different names for bread pudding. Here are some examples:

  • In Hungary, it is called Máglyarakás
  • In Germany, it is called Schwarzbrotpudding
  • In Panama, it is called Mamallena
  • In Aruba, it is called Pan Bolo
  • In Mexico, it is called Capirotada

Most recipes include cinnamon and nutmeg. Depending on the region you are in, you may add local ingredients distinct for the area. For example, you might add a hot spice like chili powder if you were in Mexico, paprika if you were in Hungary, green tea if you were in Japan, and maybe rum if you were in Jamaica.

So grab your leftover bread, get those taste buds going, use that imagination, and see what kind of bread pudding recipe you can come up with in your kitchen.

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