Easy Chili

Finding An Easy Chili Recipe: Simple Steps To Making The Perfect Pot

To many novice cooks, the thought of cooking up a pot of chili seems very labor intensive and overwhelming. Chili recipes can have complicated directions, lots of chopping and cutting, shredding and straining, and long cook times. Fortunately, with the wealth of resources on the internet today, finding a suitable chili recipe has never been easier.

Types of Chili

It seems that there is a chili recipe for every taste and dietary consideration these days----vegetable chilies rich in garden abundance, thick and hearty meat chilies that provide warmth and comfort on cold evenings, even white bean chilies for those who are not fond of tomato based broths, are all available for the tasting. Will a mild flavor do the trick? Is the occasion calling for something smokey and spicy? Those will all be questions to ask when looking through lists of ingredients in search of the perfect flavor combination.

How Many Ingredients? How Labor Intensive Is It?

Whether a chili recipe contains five ingredients or thirty five ingredients, it is entirely up to the cook to decide how many are essential for a delicious bowlful. Having made both types, we found both to be satisfying.

Something else to consider when selecting the perfect chili recipe is whether you are prepared to tackle it. Review the ingredients and the directions in the recipe thoroughly, and make sure you have all the necessary ingredients and kitchen tools on hand.

How Much Time Do I Have? What Is My Budget?

"Set it and forget it" recipes are wonderful if prep time in the morning before work is not an issue. Typical stovetop chili recipes have a prep time/cook time of anywhere from one hour to three hours. Most recipes now notate the time needed for preparation and cooking time, so blocking that time out will ensure that your chili turns out rich and delicious.

Choose a recipe with ingredient lists that fit your budget as well. If time and resources are an issue, choose a chili with a short ingredient list that packs a punch. If lengthy ingredient lists are not a problem, then the sky's the limit. Choose a Purdue University Tailgate Chili recipe to wow your guests at your next gathering.

Finding a delicious chili recipe doesn't have to be difficult. Looking for ingredient lists that you can handle shopping for and determining whether you have the necessary tools on hand to prepare it are now simpler than ever, thanks to the wealth of information on the internet.

No matter what your taste, quantity needs, or budget, you are bound to find something that tickles taste buds and makes stomachs smile. Bon Appetit!

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  3. Easy Chili - My Recipes This simple to prepare slow cooker recipe is virtually fail safe as it simmers slowly all day and allows the flavors to blend beautifully. Great when paired with a crusty bread or some corn tortillas and fresh shredded cheddar.
  4. Momma's Recipe chili It is unknown how this recipe got leaked to the general public, but what a benefit to chili lovers everywhere! This recipe is one that will have people talking at the next cookoff, backyard gathering, or barbecue.
  5. Vegans everywhere, unite! This vegan chili is great for those wishing to find a transitional food that works for everyone in the family, and it is as satisfying as a meaty mouthful.

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