Meatloaf, as we know it, has been a staple of the U.S. diet for decades after becoming one of the most popular dishes of The Great Depression because of the fact almost any meat, vegetables, and leftovers, could be used to create a simple to cook recipe. Across the planet, there are regional variations on the American easy meatloaf recipe developed independently of each other across parts of Asia, Europe, South America, and North America, which can use almost any meat, poultry, or seafood as the main ingredient.

The History of the Meatloaf Recipe

The classic American meatloaf recipe using ground beef may now be the most popular across many regions of the world, but patties known as meatloaf have a history first recorded by a Roman recipe book of the 5th-century A.D. These initial meatloaf patties were created from chopped meat, bread, and wine; according to the ancient cookery book "Apicius." The modern version of meatloaf using ground beef was only developed in the 19th-century when the meat grinder was placed into mass production.

Regional Variations on the Meatloaf Recipe

Traveling anywhere in the world will allow any person to find a recipe variation on the easy meatloaf recipe used in the U.S. for almost a century since the days of The Great Depression. Some of the nations where meatloaf varieties can be found are:

  • Argentina The Argentinian version of meatloaf has been created over a number of years and sees a range of different meats used with the most popular being ham, which is mixed with carrots, cheese, and other seasonal vegetables.
  • Cuba The Cuban recipe for meatloaf takes something of a turn in the road on the way to producing a dish known as pulpeta; this dish is generally made with ground beef and ham packed formed into shape around hard boiled eggs.
  • GermanySimilar to the Cuban recipe for pulpeta, German create a dish translating to English as "mock hare" which is usually cooked with a central portion of hard boiled eggs.
  • The Philippines The people of the Philippines have been creating a meatloaf style dish for centuries originally cooked in banana leaves, although in modern times these have been replaced by aluminum foil. To create the meatloaf dish known as embotido sausages and hard boiled eggs are packed into a central roll and surrounded by chopped vegetables, seasoned ground pork, and virtually any other leftovers. Although similar to meatloaf, the embotido is a much-loved breakfast food served fried.
  • South Africa Bobotie takes the classic meatloaf and gives it a sweet flavor by including curry spices and fruits such as apricots. Whipped egg or milk is often used as a topping for this recipe and can be added prior to being cooked.
  • U.K. In the U.K., an easy meatloaf recipe is often cooked with ground pork, bread, and vegetables to create a dish known as Haslet. Originally from the Lincolnshire region of England, the dish has been taken to different areas of the U.K. and given regional variations of ingredients.

Top 5 Routes for "Meatloaf"

  1. This Website provides a range of different recipes for meatloaf with videos, easy to follow recipes, and a number of tips for creating the perfect meal.
  2. The Website of the popular cooking network has a range of recipes from some of the top chefs working on its network. Cooks can search by budget level and ingredients to find the perfect recipe.
  3. Classic recipes for meatloaf are given a healthy twist, but still, retain the simplicity needed to meatloaf a popular everyday dish.
  4. This social media platform has become a go to for everybody seeking crafts and recipes to adapt to suit their own tastes, recipes for classic and modern meatloaf dishes are available on this free site.
  5. This U.K. based Website has developed a strong Web-based following for its many recipes created by top chefs from around the world, including a series of meatloaf options with advice on buying meats and tips for creating the perfect meal.

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