Pulled Pork

One of the staples of traditional Southern cooking, pulled pork is closely associated with the Carolinas where the traditional pulled pork recipe sees this tender, shredded meat served on a bread bun with coleslaw. The traditional recipe for creating a pulled pork based meal is to serve the meat shredded with a vinegar sauce known as barbecue covering the meat; there have been many different versions of pulled pork produced over the years with barbecue pitmasters often developing their own sauce to provide different flavors for the meat.

The Origins of Pulled Pork

Pulled pork is now commonly cooked over many hours in a traditional way first created by Spanish settlers arriving on the east coast of the U.S. from Europe. A famous version of the story of the origins of pulled pork details Spanish settlers discovering Native Americans cooking their game over an open fire using the smoke to add flavor and preserve the meat from bugs and other contaminants. As new settlers arrived from various parts of Europe they were introduced to the process of smoking and slow cooking by those already becoming acclimatized to life in the colonies; in areas of the South pulled pork became a popular and cheap dish cooked in the majority of communities.

Across many parts of the south, a tradition remains for smoking an entire pig or hog, which are both cheaper types of meat to purchase or hunt in the area. The cooking methods for pulled pork have changed over the years with the use of a smoker now replaced by the use of a slow cooker or braizing in an oven.

Different Types of Pulled Pork

Across various parts of the South and other areas of the U.S., impressive the use of pulled pork is now seen as a traditional delicacy to be enjoyed among friends and at special events. There are many different types of meat and cooking methods often undertaken to create a specific style of pulled pork. The many different types of pork used include:

  • Whole pig or hog
  • Boston butt
  • Pork shoulder

Recipes for Pulled Pork

One of the most popular ways of preparing pulled pork is to soak the piece of meat to be used in brine for a prolonged period of time to add both flavor and extra moisture to the cut of meat prior to cooking. It is usual for the meat to be cooked using a low heat that allows the connective tissue within the pork to break down prior to the meat being shredded. Sauces are added over at various times during the cooking process to add flavor to the tender pieces of shredded pork.

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