Jimmy Johns

Jimmy John's menu consists primarily of three things. Sandwiches, beverages and snack foods. Let's take a look at what it offers and see what looks good!

Jimmy John's Menu

  • Sandwiches Jimmy John's menu offers many different sandwiches, including but not limited to, ham and provolone cheese; the Big John (roast beef, topped with mayo, lettuce, and tomato); the Gargantuan (various meats, cheese, vegetables, and mayo); and many more.
  • Drinks Jimmy John's offers Coke products, including Dasani bottled water, on its menu.
  • Sides Jimmy John's offers its very own brand of potato chips. Chips include BBQ, Jalepeno, regular and more. The restaurant also offers raisin oatmeal and chocolate chunk cookies as well as kosher dill pickles.


  • French Bread Jimmy John's menu offers sandwiches on its signature French bread. The French bread is a thin bread that has approximately 250 calories per sandwich. Inside each serving is 10.7g of protein, 46.8g of total carbohydrates and 429mg of sodium. None of the carbohydrates in French bread comes from dietary fiber. Jimmy John's French bread makes a good choice to pair with meat- and vegetable-based sandwiches. Due to the relatively low amount of protein and carbohydrates, there is room for a normal serving of your condiment of choice.
  • Wheat Bread Jimmy Johns menu also offers sandwiches on its less-popular seven-grain wheat. The wheat bread consists of approximately 346 calories per sandwich. Inside each serving is 14.5g of protein, 64g of total carbohydrates and 518mg of sodium. 5g of carbohydrates in Jimmy John's wheat bread is dietary fiber. This bread rounds out into a more fulfilling option for your meal. With more calories in the bread alone for your sandwich, it makes it easier to hit your calorie goals for the day without spending more money. There is a solid ratio of protein to carbohydrates that allows for some flexibility when considering condiments. Light condiments, on a meat-heavy sandwich, would be ideal for building out a healthy sandwich.
  • Un-wich (lettuce wrap) Jimmy John's menu conveniently offers a lettuce wrap option, dubbed the "Un-wich." The lettuce wrap adds no calories, protein, carbohydrates or sodium to the sandwich. The lettuce wrap is a celebrated choice for those who choose to eat low-carb diets. For those eating a ketogenic diet, this makes ordering out a more accessible choice. A meat and cheese only sandwich, wrapped in lettuce, is a solid choice for low-carb diets.

There isn't much to say in the way of beverages. If you enjoy drinking soda, it's almost always a better choice to drink diet. Try to keep your sugar consumption to a minimum if you can. Water is always your best choice, unless you are in need of electrolytes. If that is the case, get water anyway. Jimmy John's menu does not have any drink that can sufficiently restore your electrolytes.

Top 5 Routes for "Jimmy Johns"

  1. Jimmy John's Jimmy John's own website, it is a great resource for its menu and pricing. It is also where you will go to order your food.
  2. My Fitness Pal My Fitness Pal is a website that helps you track your calories. It is a great place to go if you want nutritional information about Jimmy John's.
  3. Calorie Lab This is another resource for nutrition, and it's always nice to have more than one resource for nutritional information.
  4. Washingtonian Washingtonian is a site dedicated to clever ideas. If you're having trouble deciding what to order, it has some pretty delicious suggestions.
  5. Menu with Price Menu with price is another website with nutritional information. It is always safe to get multiple opinions when it comes to nutrition. It also features a price option, so you can figure out how much you'd like to spend.

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